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Personal Development in Barcelona

The term personal development (Desarrollo Personal) is still relatively new in Spain, in many areas it is still seen as a fad or a furry exercise in stress misdirection. One of my colleagues recently described it as similar to having a massage… you leave with the same “feel good” feeling which doesn’t last very long.

Shift in the Incentive Market

Over the last 3 three years however, we have noticed a shift in the profile of the incentive event market in Barcelona. The requests we receive still of course want to take advantage of the wonderful Mediterranean climate, the exquisite fusion of food and culture and many other attributes that Barcelona has worked hard to become known for.

There is an added element making a very welcome entrance into the event program in Barcelona.This element is personal development, it may come in the form of an interactive workshop on “communication skills” or a half outdoor activity on “understanding personality types and traits” or a facilitated conversation around “time management” There is something about the setting of Barcelona which makes it ideal for this type of learning experience, it could be the relaxed pace of the city which allows you to disconnect or it could be the many venues in the Catalan countryside or by the coast.

The theories of Organisational Behaviour are now diffusing into the Spanish incentive and meetings industry as the event decision makers demand a more measurable ROI.

Fully Bespoke Programs in English, Spanish and German

After spending 3 years researching this area, we now offer fully bespoke personal development programs to your event. We have a network of partner experts and international specialists who are able to put together unique learning programs based on the individual needs of your team.

So, if you are looking for an incentive trip that combines all of the wonderful elements of Barcelona with a bespoke, relevant learning element, contact us on at

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