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Raft Building in Barcelona

Last week we had a lot of fun with our Raft building Activity with a group of 85. We began with organised transportation from the centre of Barcelona to our beach front base just 20 minutes outside of the city. The activity began with a briefing followed by a frenzied 1.5 hour period of planning, communicating, bartering and plenty of laughs. During this time the group had divided into teams and each team had to “purchase” the required components need to build the raft.

After this period we had some magnificent models to display. It looked more like the annual raft building convention than a corporate team event in Barcelona. There were some super sleek models which clearly had some thought behind them and some other rather interesting less ergonomically designed models held together with a little more than love!

But the test was yet to come, which one of these man made water floats would not only be sea worthy but would prove sturdy enough to take a four man crew out to sea and back again!

We have plenty of fun try them out and after several races and a grand finale the winners were the ones who actually had the simplest design. After the arduous activities we laid on a sumptuous BBQ for our nautical engineers complete with meats chicken, wine snacks and beers.

The weather was perfect, this indeed was a great team building activity and highly recommend for groups and companies planning an incentive trip to Barcelona. For more information on this activity follow this link Raft Building and Beach BBQ Barcelona.

Check out more exciting photos of our Raft Building in Barcelona activity here on Facebook

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