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Science at play at the CosmoCaixa

Whether you came to Barcelona for the weather, the lifestyle or the culture, why not take advantage of your visit and make a stop at the Science Museum CosmoCaixa. Far from being a traditional museum, the CosmoCaixa is, what is called, a hands-on museum; that is, an interactive and educative yet recreational museum for visitors or all ages where you will be able to try out experiments from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Your journey as a scientific will start with a 30 meters descent of a gigantic spiral that winds around a tropical tree from the Amazonian region. As you step in the first area, you will come across a large replica of a Foucault pendulum demonstrating the rotation of the Earth. Thereby, every few minutes, you will be able to witness the heavy iron ball of the 40m long thread pendulum knocking over one of the little steels that are arranged around it in a circle.

As you will make your way through the Science Museum, you will be able to create a sand storm, produce waves thanks to a wave simulator, and play with various optic and acoustic experiments. Different areas of the museum will take you on different journeys: the Flooded Forest leads you through the Amazonian rainforest; the Planetarium enables you to travel through time and space; and the Geological Wall shows the various geological structures of the earth.

In short, if you like experimenting and testing scientific concepts, the CosmoCaixa is definitely a great recreational playground.

CosmoCaixa, Science Museum Isaac Newton, 26 08022 Barcelona Tel : +34 932 126 050

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