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Special evening in Barcelona

Whether you are coming to Barcelona for a holiday with your friends or family or you want to enjoy the city with some colleagues from your company, you shouldn’t satisfy with the minimum. Would you like the feeling of getting out of your hotel and finding a fleet of historic cars to pick up you and your group? Everybody on the street is gazing at you and taking pictures of the amazingly eye-catching cars and wondering if you are some kind of celebrities.

The cars move swiftly through Barcelona and a while later they reach the destination. You feel reluctant to leave the nice cars but after you see the next phase of the trip it is easy to shake that feeling off. You are guided to have a delicious dinner which is followed by a spectacular flamenco dance show. In the end of the night you can try but it is impossible to think how your day could have been better.

Group and individual activities and experiences in Barcelona

Corporate incentive and hospitality events

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