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St John’s Eve in Barcelona, the beginning of summer!

Warm weather, lying on the beach, having a nice refreshing cocktail, living life in a more laid-back way, long, hot and sunny days… The beginning of summer, that’s what people celebrate on St John’s Eve!

Saint John’s Eve, in Catalan “La revetlla de Sant Joan”, is one of the most important celebrations in Catalonia. The night of the 23rd to 24th of June, more commonly known as the summer solstice, is the shortest night of the year.

On this day, two special events are celebrated: St. John’s birthday (Catalonia’s Patron Saint) and the summer solstice.

Saint John’s Eve (from sunset on 23rd to sunrise on 24th June) is such a magical night. It’s the time when we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer. Summer is the season to enjoy a range of fun activities, such as water activities, flying activities or driving activities.

In towns and cities around Catalonia, the Saint John’s Eve party is part of our festive heritage. In every town, people gather around bonfires with their family and friends to eat, sing, dance and watch the fireworks.

In Catalonia, the night would not be completed without the traditional Saint John’s coca, a sweet bread with custard and candied fruit.

The street parties are usually organised by associations and groups from the districts of the city, which gives them a very family feel, even though it is usually crowded. And of course, La Barceloneta is a must visit this night, you can dance at every beach bar!

Wherever you spend Saint John’s Eve, you’ll have a great time. Just wander around streets of any town and let the music and firecrackers guide you to one of the open-air parties, where for sure you’ll find a warm welcome!

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