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Tai Chi – Team building

Recently we were invited to a round table discussion with some of Spain´s leaders in the Meeting and Incentives industry. The meeting was organised by Eric Mottard Director of Eventoplus, the aim was to debate key issues facing our industry and to identify up and coming trends that will affect the way we do business in the MICE space over the next few years. During the lively conversation the question of “Wellness in Events” was launched, is it still trending with companies?

The answers were almost unanimously a “Yes”. In fact one professional remarked that it is more than a trend, it is a reality. We at LifestyleDMC can certainly concur with this shift in focus from the typical company jolly to a more, mind, body and spirit experience.

2017 saw a marked increase in companies requesting outside spaces for meetings, many wanted to leave the city and smell the fresh air of the mountains and get closer to nature. We all know that Catalunya has some beautiful countrysides and mountains. It is a welcome trend to see that companies are investing in the well being of their staff in this way.

Undoubtedly the biggest shift has been in companies requesting wellness activities such as trekking, Tai Chi, Yoga, personal training sessions and even light group jogging.

Office Tai Chi

We are delighted to have developed a range of these activities and work with some of top professionals to deliver well thought out programs that enhance any team building or incentive trip.

In December we organised a 2 day team building away trip for a group of C level managers and suggested adding a 1 hour Tai chi session on the morning of the second day before they began their full day of meetings. The team went along with the idea but some were a little sceptical.

The next morning, we could see that some had been working on their proposals and strategies way into the night and were concerned that the Tai Chi session  combined with their lack of sleep would make the morning decidedly unproductive. The session was designed specifically with the aim of relaxing and energising the candidates. The day was a huge success with everyone reporting greater clarity and higher energy levels.

Tai Chi is not the only way to achieve higher states of productivity on a team building event, there are many others such as meditation, walking and re-energising with the use of fruit and healthy snack breaks. We use the profound effects of Tai Chi daily in our office, we organise  optional sessions in the morning for the team. It bonds the team and makes for a winning atmosphere in the office.

The Eventoplus meeting of event professionals touched on many other issues such as technology, emerging V mature markets. We have always believed that our greatest asset in the events industry is our ability to collaborate with our colleagues and peers to offer our clients bigger, better and wider choices.

Thanks to Eventoplus for organising a great round table.

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