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Team motivation in action in Barcelona with LifestyleDMC

Team Motivation Lifestyle DMC
 Motivation Crowding Theory - Backward bending supply curve of Labour

Backward bending supply curve of Labour

It’s easy to think that monetary rewards could be a strong motivation. However, experts like Frederick Herzberg and Edward Deci (Human Motivation Psychologist at University of Rochester) suggest that they only work in instances where lots of care is taken. More often than not, they can have the opposite outcome because of the “Overjustification effect” – which is to say that if the rewards stop, then employees consciously or subconsciously lose interest, or even just become accustomed to receiving them. Motivation Crowding Theory even goes as far as suggesting there is a point where paying more not only has no impact, but also reverses motivation.

What is the alternative then? Deci and his colleague Richard M. Ryan, state that social affinity created through investing in a strong team bond and personal growth through shared experiences as a group, is one way to help towards seeing higher productivity and a stronger bottom-line from your workers in the long-run. Building a company culture and holding memorable corporate events is no doubt a good method for this.

Social Affinity in action with LifestyleDMC

Social Affinity in action with LifestyleDMC

So, how can a city like Barcelona turn your business around? The main reason is that it’s the corporate events capital of Europe, making it a wonderful starting point to improve your team output and develop a culture by sharing the experience of group travel. Whether this approach is something new to you or it’s something you’ve been practising for years, we can help you plan your corporate trip to Barcelona.

We have been here for more than 15 years, providing our destination management services to companies from all over the world. If you or someone in your team is about to organise a product launch, executive dinner, or a training workshop, then why do it locally? You can turn it into an incentive trip and contribute towards harbouring company culture by holding it in the stunning Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Huge DMC event in Barcelona

Large scale DMC event in Barcelona

We aim to provide a superior level of incentive travel and corporate events and we want it so that you don’t have to worry about any organisational details. Our tailor-made services mean we’ll find the venue, transportation, accommodation, catering, conferences, and whatever else you may need, all-the-while we’ll organise fun activities for your team to enjoy.

Part of Deci’s Self-Determination theory on motivation explores the idea that when an employee evaluates his well being, one aspect of this evaluation will be his memory of emotional events. Ultimately, we strive to make our incentive events as exciting and unforgettable as possible – a trip that the team will talk about into the future.

LifestyleDMC Event for 500 people in MNAC

One of our events for 500 people in MNAC

It’s this kind of thinking that we share with companies from around the world whom we work with, like Coca-cola and Dell Inc. Perhaps this is why we also have clients returning; for the 2nd year in a row Huawei have used our services to organise their team’s trip to Mobile World Congress – the biggest mobile technology trade fair in the world – and the plans for next year are already being organised. To make their trip exciting and unforgettable, we worked to obtain them a private signing with FC Barcelona’s Director Didac Lee. This was a result of our exclusive business relationship with club – a unique relationship that we have with over 300 partners across Catalonia.

There is more to incentive travel than social bonds though, because as humans we want to learn and grow. Part of travelling to a lively city that’s full of culture like Barcelona can broaden horizons and harbour personal development for some. New experiences – as cited by many a psychologist like Matthew Killingsworth, Thomas Gilovich, and Amit Kumar – are much more valuable to humans than material rewards; it’s still a relatively new concept, but one that – being in the industry of experiences – we’ve had the pleasure to notice for a while.

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