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The Barcelona Civil War Tour

This tour is one of the newest and most informative tours in Barcelona. You will be taken to various points in the city that were key landmarks in the Spanish civil war. Innocent looking buildings today could have been strong points of the resistance movements at the height of the war.

You will be taken to the hotel where George Orwell stayed and trace the steps that inspired him to write the best sellers “Homage to Barcelona” and later “1984”

The city today is of course unimaginably different from that described by Orwell. But, the scars of the Civil War are not yet closed, and run as an undercurrent through today’s society and politics.

This emotive tour conjures up the images of what life was like for the common person in Barcelona as the city tried to resist the pressure of the military take over. Filled with stunning images and entertaining narrative, this tour is a must for those who really want to understand the fabric of society of Barcelona.

The guide was a hugely charming character with a clear passion for history and sharp thinking. After the tour we were treated to a lunch of fine tapas in a restaurant which was full of memorabilia from the civil war resistance movement. Not surprisingly the restaurant was can “libertad”

For more information on this tour visit our site Barcelona Civil War Tours


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