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The first European Keynote Boutique launches in September

LifestyleDMC is happy to announce the future collaboration with TOP SPEAKERS – Your Keynote Boutique. TOP SPEAKERS is a new venture by the internationally acclaimed public speaking expert Florian Mueck.

Florian states that, “A keynote speaker sets the tone for the entire event. Too many times I have witnessed rich content performed poorly. As an event organizer you want to make sure that you hire an entertaining expert. A keynote speaker who makes a lasting impact on your audience, and this is exactly what you will find in the keynote boutique: Top Speakers.”

LifestyleDMC - Jeff Gothelf

The line-up boast an impress array of carefully curated speakers from established stage heavyweights like the American business agility expert Jeff Gothelf to upcoming fresh faces like Sangbreeta Moitra from The Netherlands who will “transform your presence”.

LifestyleDMC - Sangbreeta Moitra

What differentiates TOP SPEAKERS from other existing speakers’ bureaus?

Florian points out that, “All the speakers are personal contacts of mine. Many of us have been collaborating for years. That is why TOP SPEAKERS is not just any other speakers‘ bureau; TOP SPEAKERS is not just a random collection of public speakers … We are a tribe. We meet at events, retreats or business schools. We interact and exchange all the time. We even have a WhatsApp group where we motivate, inspire, help each other to become better versions of ourselves. We are a tribe, and that will be your biggest benefit.”

The collaboration between TOP SPEAKERS and LifestyleDMC marks several months of research on both sides and gives all customers of LifestyleDMC priority access to the full boutique of speakers.

LifestyleDCM’s CEO, Tony Anagor says, “ We often have the need for fun and engaging speakers for our worldwide events, sometimes it can be hit and miss, with Florian and his company, we are guaranteed 100% audience engagement because, I know him personally and he vets his speakers meticulously. All clients from Lifestyle are promised first availability and hence be guaranteed access to the speakers of their choice anywhere in Europe. This exclusive offer combined with our international event planning services makes it the perfect fit for conferences, incentive and exhibitions.

LifstyleDMC Top Speakers

About Florian

Florian Mueck from Germany, based in Barcelona, worked as a consultant and business development manager for almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm. Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to helping companies and individuals boost their charisma by teaching them the power of persuasive communication and memorable presentations. Florian is the co-creator of the world’s first public speaking board game RHETORIC. A collaborator of IESE Business School Barcelona and author of four books, Florian offers transformational communication seminars, keynote speeches and presentation coaching, in English, German and Spanish mainly to international brands like Banco Santander, Chupa Chups, Danone, Microsoft, Moët Hennessy or Zalando.

About LifestyleDMC

LifestyleDMC run by Tony Anagor is a full service Events and Conference planning company based in Barcelona, Spain. They have been organising international events since 2003 and have worked with over 10,000 delegates. Their clients include top multinationals such as Nike, HP, Huawei, George Soros Foundation, Cartier, and Disney.

To find out more visit our webpage HERE or contact us on + 34 93 270 2048.

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