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The Latest Craze to hit Barcelona – The Flyboard Experience

Last week we enjoyed one of the newest experiences for teambuilding in Barcelona this year. We went to visit our partners providing the FlyBoard Experience. We have been researching this activity for the last few months and it has received great reviews in Barcelona, so as with all of our experiences, we aim to try them all out so that we know they will be suitable for you!! We left the office in high spirits on a sunny Friday afternoon and on arrival at the port we were still a little unsure of what to expect. There was a buzz of drone-like activity going on as the port seemed very busy. These being the summer months in Barcelona it looked like there was just as much traffic coming in and out of the port as there was on the busy streets of the city.

Our partners gave us the mandatory briefing on what to expect and the procedures to follow. We were then taken out into the open sea on a power speedboat where we had the opportunity to relax or take a dip before the action began.

One by one we all took it in turns to try out the Barcelona Flyboard Experience. The actual board is similar to a snow board which is attached to your feet it  has two “jets” attached to it which are in turn connected to a high powered jet ski. Once the jet ski roars into action, huge jets of water fire out from the jet board, the pressure of the water jets onto the water  surface sending you higher into the air… yep you guessed just like iron man!!!

We had a lot of fun and we are sure you will too. This is a perfect activity for groups to combine with jet skis, kayaking, water skis, banana boats and even a BBQ on a catamaran

For more information follow this link

For more photos follow this link

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