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Barcelona is basically located between it and the sea, which means from the top of the mountain you will have a spectacular view of all of the city. And if you want to get there from the center of Barcelona, the way our blogging team (= me) did it was to take a metro and ride it until the last stop, Av. Tibidabo.

After that you need to take a tram, a bus or use your feet to get to the next checkpoint which is the funicular stop. I consider myself to be an owner of a healthy pair of legs but I still wouldn’t do the walking again. Funicular, by the way, means a sort of a cable car that will get you to the top. In addition, it is indeed the only way to get to the top, so prepare to pay for it. Now you are at Tibidabo.

Now, if you are visiting Tibidabo with people who are younger than an average dog on the street and not taller than to your knee, the amusement park which is located there might be a good idea. If not, it is not recommendable. However, the rides are not the main attraction. Hopefully you didn’t forget your camera home, because believe me; you will want to take photos of what you see. Also, on the top there is a church which can be seen almost from every part of Barcelona. And if you look the other way, you have the sight of more mountains.

Go and do the trip on a good day, because Barcelona simply looks amazing in the sunshine!

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