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Top MICE Destinations 2019

The meetings, incentives, conferences and events travel market (MICE) is always evolving. Event planners in Europe are continuously updating their services and incentive programmes to organise the best corporate events. Entering 2019 the latest trends involve personalisation, flexibility and more memorable events. We looked at Europe’s top MICE destinations and summed up our favourites.

LISBOA Starting off with Europa’s next top MICE destination, the continent´s second oldest capital city. Colourful streets, rich history, heavenly custard tarts & the famous old yellow tram. Portugal’s vibrant, hilly and coastal capital city is a well-known travel destination in Europe. Not strange considering its beautiful year-round climate, averaging 200 days of sun yearly. It provides the perfect setting for corporate events in Portugal, accompanied with a personalised incentive programme for the most effective and fun team building activities. On top of this, the city also offers a rich history, lively nightlife, great diversity and authenticity all around the city.

LISBOA, Portugal’s Best MICE City

BARCELONA Next up, Barcelona. The Catalonian Capital is nestled in a bright Mediterranean climate and bursting with tasty restaurants, unique activities and luxury hotels. Ranked in the ICCA’s ranking of the top five cities for MICE events all around the world. In the world of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions the city represents an opportunity for an unforgettable work experience. Barcelona manages to mix old-world charm with the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city.

Ranked in the ICCA’s ranking of the top five cities for MICE event

It has been a quietly kept secret, but more and more companies are latching onto the fact that January is a perfect month for a corporate team incentive or sales conference in Barcelona. The first and most obvious reason for this trend is the cost of the hotels. January is typically considered “temporada baja”, low season for many 4- and 5-star hotels in the city and this forces hotels to lower their prices to attract more business.

MADRID Officially crowned as Best European city for MICE tourism in 2018 during the World Travel Awards. The city has the 2nd largest European metro network operating almost 24/7, over 700 hotels, 18 000 bars/café’s and over 20 Michelin star restaurants. There are countless of unique venues for corporate events in Madrid, a city that feels alive and filled with culture. Famous for its exciting and vibrant nightlife which reflects the soul of the Spanish people. All in all, Madrid – the city that knows how to live– is well prepared for any kind of incentive trip possible in the MICE tourism industry.

Best European City for MICE Tourism 2018

VALENCIA Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, is a mix of old and new buildings. The city offers a great combination of architecture, culture, sun and beach giving it a real special feel of its own. It’s considered the city of arts and sciences, clearly reflected in the colourful streets and amazing modern constructions. Incentive programmes can be held in a wide variety of venue’s, from medieval castles and towers to modern and art deco architecture. The city guarantees a memorable event and unique experiences regarding leisure, enjoyment, work, gastronomy and sport. No more reasons needed to hold your next corporate event in Valencia, Spain’s most cheerful and lively city.

A truly unique MICE destination

SEVILLA Sevilla is the most populated city in southern Spain, it is the provincial capital with nearly half the population of the whole province living in the city. The city of Sevilla is located on the plain of the Guadalquivir River which crosses the city from North to South.

Sevilla offers the best of Spanish traditions

Holding your incentive trip in Sevilla is like stepping in the very heart of Andalusian culture and real Spanish traditions, the centre of bull fighting and flamenco. The streets and squares in the historic quarter of the capital of Andalusia are lively and busy. They treasure many constructions that have the World Heritage designation. Sevilla is also a prominent business and service centre in the south of Spain. Offering unique venues and countless of activities and leisure locations, Sevilla truly is a beautiful MICE destination in Spain.

BILBAO Lastly, discover the treasure of the Basque country: BILBAO. A city well worth a visit for its incredible architecture, fertile landscapes, sophisticated dining options as well as its countless MICE facilities.

Spain’s Cultural Paradise

Bilbao is a great example of urban and economic transformation thanks to the architectural and infrastructure projects that has developed the city to a privileged destination where design is the main topic. Furthermore, the city is a cultural paradise where art can be found everywhere. Bilbao is flourished with themed museums, art exhibitions, an ongoing programme of theatre, music, and dance, and has two of Spain’s best art galleries. The guests coming to your event will not only be surprised by the convenience of the city regarding corporate trips, but also by the numerous activities to do in their leisure time.

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