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Winery Tour Barcelona: An exclusive taste of Spanish gastronomy

Nothing says summer like a glass of crisp wine overlooking a beautiful vineyard located next to the breathtakingly blue Mediterranean Sea, right? Imagine experiencing the splendors of a truly Catalan winery in a private setting while getting to taste the most delicious (and did we mention award winning wines?). A trip to this private family owned winery can now be on your agenda during your visit to Barcelona. Located on the grounds of a natural park, this winery has been making all organic wines from 17 different grape types and producing 70 different wine varieties. Some of their cava’s and wines have even been crowned gold medalists at the most prestigious competition: the International Wine Challenge. There is no doubt; this visit is your exclusive ticket into the world of fine wine and Spanish gastronomy.

But wine is not the only thing this winery can be proud of. Your tour guides are top professionals in the field, living and breathing everything that has to do with the wine produced right here in this beautiful region of Catalonia. Therefore, you can be sure that their many years of knowledge, experience, and passion will be transmitted to you throughout your stay at this beautiful vineyard. Thanks to them, the tour of the winery itself is like no other. Not only will you experience the wine on your taste buds, you will learn the ins and outs of this families approach to producing something that all of Catalonia can pride themselves on.

Tailored specifically for each group, no one tour will ever be the same-which is an exclusive opportunity that not many others can offer! This is a point of exclusivity that the winery prides themselves on. Each group will have an experience that no one else has or will have after them. This ensures that the tour you are given will include seasonal tastings, experiences, and views. The winery staff is very adamant about sticking to their all natural roots. Nothing is fictitious or forcefully prepared. The experience is organic just as nature intended, so with every season, the visit will be a different experience. After touring the working parts of the winery, you will move on to the grounds in a 4×4 tour of the property which has many secret twists and turns, allowing you to experience views of the sea, city, and much more! A secluded panoramic viewpoint can be privately organized for you and your party as a place to relax, taste some wine, and take in the views. As you explore through the vineyard, you will be greeted by winding green vines, luscious juicy grapes, almond nut trees, and the smell of sea salt in the wind. This is a perfect and aesthetically pleasing concoction to the senses, which you can only experience with this exclusive visit.



After your tour of this charming vineyard, you and your team will have worked up quite an appetite. This can easily be taken care of as our private chef welcomes the group to his terrace kitchen, overlooking the vineyard and the sea. Here, you will be indulged in a seasonally prepared five course meal, made exclusively for you, right in front of your eyes! As you sit down and relax, feel free to engage with the chef as you discover even more gastronomic secrets from his point of view! The ingredients used in each plate are sustainable, organic, and strictly seasonal, meaning your meal will be extraordinarily fresh and never repeated! As you are served each course, you will be poured perfectly paired glasses of wine that either play along or challenge the flavors of the dish, really showing you the power different wines have over different dishes! This is a time to indulge in the best gastronomy of Spain as you enjoy the all exclusive day organized just for you! But make sure to make as many memories as you can, because as we said before, once your experience is over, no similar one will ever be organized again, giving you the pleasure of knowing you truly had a once in a lifetime experience!

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