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You Play at FC Barcelona – play a match at the Camp Nou

Last week we were invited to the FC Barcelona You Play tournament hosted at the Camp Nou. As an official agent of FC Barcelona we were also invited to assign a team member to represent us in an 11- a- side match on the actual pitch of the FCB legends.

We decided to offer the experience to a lucky client who had previously purchased our Travel with the Players trip. It was an amazing once in a lifestyle experience for Paul Canning from London but now living and working in Barcelona.

On arrival we were welcomed at the club by the various representatives of the VIP hospitality department and each player was given a bag with the full FC Barcelona Kit 2016. We were then led to the away team´s changing rooms where there were several other excited guests and some distinguished friends and collaborators of Lifestyle.

The atmosphere in the changing room was truly electric, with some people laughing and joking while others were stunned into silence by the sheer enormity of the occasion. “If I had to describe the scene in one phrase,” says Tony Anagor Director LifestyleDMC, “it would be an effervescent cauldron of bubbling adrenaline and heightened expectancy”

Once the teams were ready, they were led to the entrance tunnel of the pitch. This is the path along which some of the greatest footballing legends have walked as they prepare to face arguably the best team in the world. As we walked along the hallowed corridor one was suddenly struck with a feeling of how daunting it must be for opponents as they prepare to take on the might of not only the team but up to 90,000 animated FC Barcelona fans.

FC Barcelona You Play

As we gathered anxiously in the tunnel just before entering the pitch, all of the players were shuffling nervously waiting for the teams to be called out. Then there was a silence, next came the anthem of the FC Barcelona team bellowing out from the sound system.

It was amazing to watch the players run onto the pitch as they were called by name. None of the players were professionals and they were of all ages ranging from 25 up 70, but for that moment it was very easy to imagine they were playing the game of their lives in front of adoring fans.

The tournament lasted a full two hours with the winners receiving medals in the medal ceremony at the end.

After the tournament we were invited to a sumptuous meal in the Tribuna zone overlooking the pitch. The dinner was an occasion to network and meet some of the people who had been so key in the success of the FC Barcelona football team this season.

As official agents of FC Barcelona we can offer you some of the most creative and unique ideas for corporate events at the club, combine this with our 15 years of knowledge and passion for the city this makes us the perfect partner for you.

Contact us for more information  +34 93 270 2048

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