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Wellness Events

This year has seen a marked increase in companies requesting outside spaces for meetings, many wanted to leave the city and smell the fresh air of the mountains and get closer to nature.


We all know that Spain has some beautiful countrysides and mountains. It is a welcome trend to see that companies are investing in the wellbeing of their staff in this way.

Undoubtedly the biggest shift has been in companies requesting wellness activities such as trekking, Tai Chi, Yoga, personal training sessions and even light group jogging.

Wellness activities in Spain

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We are delighted to have developed a range of these activities and work with some of top professionals to deliver well thought out programs that enhance any team building or incentive trip.



Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of Martial Arts in the world today, it is practised by over 250 million people worldwide.

It´s appeal is rooted in the fact that as well as offering some tasty self-defence techniques, it also has some far-reaching health benefits. Stress relief, increased flexibility, improved concentration and alleviation of joint pains caused by wear and tear are just some of the conditions that regular Tai Chi can help with.


We work with some top teachers who will create a specific workshop for your team based on the requirements i.e. a morning wake up session to get your team ready for the day or a mid-afternoon energetic boost to give them a pick me up after lunch.

Wellness activities are here to stay, and as more corporate events and conferences in Spain choose to incorporate these elements into their agendas, we are seeing the knock effects in the results being produced by their teams.

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